Gisele Shares Heartfelt Demand To Fans Amid Coronavirus Situation

The coronavirus outbreak put the entire world on hold. Flights are canceled, shops are closed… Will the situation improve in the next few weeks? We don’t know. Even the NBA suspended the regular season. Now is the time to stay positive and raise general awareness. Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen delivered a message for her fans, friends, and family. Gisele did it to motivate others to take care of themselves during the coronavirus pandemic.

The entire country is paralyzed. Most facilities are closed, and almost everyone stays at home. In some parts of the world, people aren’t allowed to go outside. Supermarkets and pharmacies are available for most of the day. We are going through a pandemic, and the situation is serious. That’s why Gisele decided to motivate others.

The gorgeous supermodel took to her Instagram account to deliver the message.

According to Gisele, the pandemic reminds us that we are all connected to each other. What we choose to do is actually affecting us all. We are in the middle of a crisis, and we really need to understand the role of physical distancing. Gisele encouraged her followers to protect themselves so they don’t get sick. We are together in this one.

Gisele addresses the coronavirus

Gisele targets people from every age group. She hopes that her words would get to both young and elderly.

“We all need to follow the recommended protocols and precautions because in doing so we can end up saving someone’s life – particularly the elderly and those who are sick and immunocompromised.”

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Everyone can get the virus. It could be your father, mother, grandmother or someone you love. We really need to act in solidarity. We need to act in the best interest of our common society.

Fear and anxiety have nothing on us. We can’t let them swallow us. We need to stay strong in this battle.

Gisele is right. Hopefully, her words will reach every person on planet Earth. The coronavirus will disappear at some point. Hopefully, it won’t cause take another life. Hopefully, experts will find a vaccine for the virus. Stay strong, everyone, we got this one. We give you our love and support.