Here’s The Next Step In Tom Brady-Patriots Negotiations

The NFL free agency will start in a week, and things are getting really hot in Foxboro. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will enter the open market on March 18. In other words, he will have to make a decision about his next move. The negotiations between TB12 and the Patriots should start at any moment.

Brady is the talk of the NFL offseason. He will be an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his long career. There have been a lot of rumors about Brady’s offseason move, and eight teams have shown interest in the quarterback.

New England is still a favorite. ESPN’s Field Yates reminded the Patriots nation that it’s really important to note that the Pats granted Brady’s request to enter free agency last offseason. They agreed to restructure the deal with him. However, the team sure made an effort to retain the GOAT long-term at the time.

Successful negotiations

What does this mean for the New England Patriots? Yates reports that the ball is in Brady’s court. He has to tell the team what he’s looking for in a deal before March 16. That’s when other NFL teams will start making offers.

This sort of makes sense. Head coach Bill Belichick values players at a very specific price and sticks to it. This time things may change as the market has so many offers for Brady. New England doesn’t have a replacement for Brady, and that changes everything.

New England should have an offer at this point. Will Brady make the next move? The offer was made six months ago, and the Patriots’ valuation of Brady changed along with TB12’s market.

Brady’s future in New England is up in the air. The two sides may be at a stalemate. If head coach Belichick doesn’t want to budge on his offer in the next few days, that could destroy the team’s chances of keeping the GOAT.

The Patriots need to keep Brady on the roster, and they better do something to attract his attention. Losing the star quarterback at this point is the least acceptable scenario for the storied franchise.

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