Iman Shumpert Revealed LeBron James’ Basketball Superpower

Free-agent guard Iman Shumpert appeared on Vlad TV and talked about several topics. One of them includes Lakers superstar LeBron James. LeBron and Shumpert were teammates in Cleveland, so he knows pretty much everything about the king and his style.

 It turns out, Shumpert was impressed with LeBron’s basketball IQ. So are we. In the video, Shumpert shared a story about stepping to Anthony Carmelo in his rookie campaign. He did this because Melo didn’t pass him the ball when he was wide open during the game. Things got really hot, but Melo had the perfect explanation. He told Shumpert that he worked on instances that were present in the contest. Shumpert respected that.

The next topic covered his time with LeBron and the Cavaliers. According to Shumpert, LeBron has a huge basketball IQ. He also said that King James knows all of his team plays along with the opponents. Shumpert finds it crazy how King James can get the whole roster on the same page.

Iman Shumpert praises LeBron James

He is absolutely right. LeBron has the ability to get the best of his teammates. His passing game is excellent, and this helps his teammates score points. LeBron knows how to plan the game. He can predict every move his teammates and opponents make. He thinks ahead of time. Every play is in his head long before it even happens.

LeBron has won three titles, and he is going after his fourth. However, the NBA has suspended the regular season to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. Two Lakers tested positive for the virus. We don’t have the names. The entire Utah Jazz team is in quarantine, and other players practice self-isolation. LeBron doesn’t miss a chance to get a good workout. He has all the time in this world to work on his body. Now he has the chance to take care of his off-court duties.

The Lakers sit on top of the Western Conference this season. This is an excellent achievement for LeBron. He promised to win a title with the Lakers. If the regular season continues, LeBron will sure take his team to the NBA Finals.