JaVale McGee’s Hilarious Take On LeBron’s Deep Three-Pointer

The Los Angeles Lakers sit on top of the Western Conference. LeBron James leads his team to the NBA Finals, and he doesn’t miss a chance to hit a deep three-pointer. That’s exactly what he did in the game against the Philadelphia 76ers. The king of basketball crossed halfcourt and hit the deepest three-pointer you’ve ever seen. Fans didn’t see this coming. His teammates didn’t see it coming. He shocked everyone. Lakers veteran JaVale McGee cracked a good joke about LeBron’s three-pointer, and it will sure give you a good laugh too.

LA secured their 47th win of the regular season. LeBron’s logo shot made some cool headlines these days. Was he trying to impress his teammates? It’s not like LeBron needs to make a name for himself. He did that two decades ago.

JaVale McGee praises LeBron’s deep three-pointer

His teammates didn’t miss the chance to praise him, and McGee’s joke made us laugh. His take on the shot was super hilarious.

“We just didn’t understand how he shot it from that far, and it barely hit the net,” McGee said of LeBron’s near-halfcourt three. “It just went straight in, so we were confused. You definitely walk up to him and say, ‘Damn!’ and then you move on to the next play. Because it was a ‘damn’ play like he shot that from far as hell, but hey, you got to keep moving, keep grinding and worry about the next play.”

Stephen Curry, Trae Yung and Damian Lillard do this type of shots. This isn’t LeBron’s thing, and he isn’t really interested in three-point shooting. Well, he decided to play, and sure gave his teammates a good fun.

Although some critics used this shot to slam LeBron again, his teammates were more than impressed. They are playing with the king of basketball, and they better get used to all the surprises he has in his pocket.

LeBron and his teammates have won 47 games so far, and the best is yet to come. The Lakers missed the chance to make the postseason in 2018-19 due to LeBron’s injury. But, this season is different.

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