Julian Edelman Shares Two-Word Message To Patriots Nation

Star quarterback Tom Brady signed a two-year contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He’s going south. The New England Patriots cut veteran kicker Stephen Gostkowski after 14 seasons. Several other players left the team in free agency. Wideout Julian Edelman is staying with the Patriots though. The same applies to the McCourty twins.

Edelman will have to adjust to the new situation in Foxboro. He will enter a new season without his favorite quarterback. Edelman didn’t even imagine that he’d be catching passes from a different quarterback. But, that’s exactly what happened a week ago. Brady decided to leave the Pats after two decades. Edelman was the first to start off the “Stay Tom” campaign. He did all this to keep Brady in New England. He even released T-shirts with the same message. But, none of that worked. Brady was already on his way to Tampa.

It’s official now. TB12 took to his Instagram to share a photo of him signing the new contract worth $60 million. He was introduced by the Buccaneers, and yes, this was a major reality check for the Patriots nation.

Julian Edelman stays with the Patriots

It was just too much for Edelman to swallow.

Edelman took to his Instagram account to deliver a simple message. “Foxborough forever,” he wrote in the caption of his photo.

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Foxborough forever.

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This speaks volumes. This is probably a response to all the fans who said that Edelman should join Brady in Tampa. Edelman liked a tweet insinuating he should join the GOAT. But, this post is a clear message. We will be seeing him sprinting down the sidelines at Gillette Stadium when the new season kicks off.

Edelman has two years left of his contract with the team. Considering this post, he is not even interested in going somewhere else.

Brady has made his choice. He earned the right to change his pathway. New England won six Super Bowls with him on the roster. They won a lot of games. Brady is the greatest of all time, and he is now a Buccaneer. If you ask Brady, he will say he is the greatest Patriots fan on planet Earth.