Kawhi Leonard’s Real Reason For Declining Invite To LeBron James’ 2008 Skills Camp

The rivalry between Clippers superstar Kawhi Leonard and Lakers superstar LeBron James has been making headlines for quite some time. For many analysts, this is one of the biggest rivalries the league has ever seen. According to them, the rivalry started seven years ago. Leonard’s San Antonio Spurs and LeBron’s Miami Heat met in the 2013 NBA Finals. Well, they are wrong.

In 2008, Kawhi was a junior at Martin Luther King High School. He was the superstar on the team. In that season, Kawhi averaged team-high 17.3 points, 6.5 rebounds, and 1.7 steals per game. He also led his team to the CIF Divisional title in 2008.

After his incredible success, LeBron invited Kawhi to his skills academy in Akron, Ohio. Don’t forget that only the top college and high school prospects receive invites to the James Skills Academy. Being invited to the academy is definitely a chance you don’t want to miss. But, Kawhi decided to pass.

According to his longtime trainer Clint Parks, Kawhi had a good reason to decline the invite to the academy. When the coach asked Kawhi why he declined his invite, he said he was playing “ real basketball.” We don’t really understand the message behind this response. But, we have every right to believe that he didn’t need lessons from the king of basketball.

Kawhi and LeBron are rivals

Leonard doesn’t really like to play with the best. He is sort of interested in showing he’s the best. The storied rivalry gave fans a reason to talk this season. Both superstars try to dominate the floor at the Staples Center in Los Angeles now. It’s more than obvious that they will meet in the playoffs this season. Will there be such a thing?

The NBA decided to suspend the season indefinitely. Many players believe that this is the end of the season. Hopefully, authorities will find a way to put the coronavirus under control. NBA players want their season back. LeBron can’t wait to take the floor again. He works out at home. But, that’s a completely different story. He needs to compete. He needs to play in front of his fans.