Kendrick Perkins Says LeBron James Should Win MVP Award

There are 25 games left of the regular season, and analysts have made predictions about this year’s Most Valuable Player. Some say Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo is bound to win this award for the second straight season. However, Kendrick Perkins believes that Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James should snatch the MVP award.

Perkins shared some nice facts about the MVP race during his appearance on ESPN’s First Take. According to him, Antetokounmpo receives a different treatment than LeBron. Perkins mentioned LeBron’s second sting with the Cleveland Cavaliers where he made four straight NBA Finals and got one title.

LeBron’s accomplishment wasn’t a top topic because he was playing in the weaker conference. He is in the West now, and he still gets a different treatment when compared to Giannis. Everyone’s attention is turned towards Giannis.

“When LeBron James was in the East, the whole thing was ‘Oh, he’s in the East.’ He lost on four MVPs when he went back to Cleveland. Why? Because he was in the East. During that time, those MVPs went to Western Conference players… because they were making noise in the West.

“Why are we not keeping the same energy for Giannis?! He’s in the East. The East is weaker. No LeBron James, no Kawhi Leonard. Why is the argument not the same? Now here it is. LeBron takes his talent to the Western Conference. His team [Lakers] is number one in the West.“

Kendrick Perkins makes a good point about the MVP award

These comments will sure trigger an avalanche of reactions. Perkins shared an interesting perspective, and media people will have to play pretty wisely this time. To be honest, LeBron has a really good chance to win the award. Perkins made a good point, and his theory got us thinking. How will LeBron finish the season.

Giannis and the Bucks won the first game against LeBron’s Lakers. Milwaukee and LA will meet on March 6. This will be a rather long season for every NBA team. The Lakers are a step closer to the NBA Finals this season. Let’s see what happens in May. What’s your prediction about LeBron’s campaign? Will he win a title?

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