Official Trailer Of LeBron James Documentary ‘I Promise’ Released

Lakers superstar LeBron James’ media company released the trailer for the documentary series about the I Promise School in Akron. It is set for release in April on the Quibi app.

The “I Promise” documentary offers details of the first academic year inside the school. It was opened in 2018 by Akron Public Schools and the LeBron James Family Foundation. I Promise is a public school targeting at-risk third- and fourth-graders in Akron.

“The series will explore the day-to-day trials, triumphs and life-changing impact of the school staff, students and families working together in a unique, family-first educational environment that embraces the trauma and challenges many face in Akron,” the LeBron James Family Foundation revealed in a news release.

The foundation supports year-round social services for both students and their families. They receive “GED programs, legal aid, medical and mental-health resources, job and family services, financial literacy programs and unlimited access to a pantry stocked with food and other essentials.”

Brilliant trailer for I Promise

LeBron had one primary goal in his mind. He didn’t have the best childhood, and his mother, Gloria, struggled to give him a good education. LeBron faced a lot of challenges in his life. That’s why he decided to help these kids.

“When you grow up in the inner-city, in the projects, no one cares about you,” James says in the series trailer. “I didn’t know how to create a school, but let’s figure it out. Let’s learn together.”

LeBron’s SpringHill Entertainment produces the series. It is named after the public housing complex in Akron where the Lakers superstar grew up. LeBron is also one of the executive producers. The project was supported by Verizon Media’s RYOT and Blowback Productions.

It will be available on Quibi, a mobile entertainment app that will be launched on April 6.

LeBron is really successful off the court. He’s been helping the Los Angeles Lakers win games, and the team will probably win the title this season. LeBron’s off-court success keeps impressing us. He’s been helping kids in every way possible. Students received new sneakers, vision checks, and even bikes. They will also get free tuition. This is one of the greatest projects he has signed in his life.

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