Patriots Share Emotional Highlight Video After Tom Brady’s Departure

Tom Brady said his last ‘goodbye.’ The quarterback became an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his professional career. Initial reports suggested that the conversation between Brady and his head coach didn’t go well. It turns out that the reports are actually true. Brady is ready to part ways with the New England Patriots. TB12 has already announced his decision to move on from New England. The team shared a highlight video to honor the quarterback right after the announcement. Brady’s departure shocked pretty much every player and coach in the NFL. How could he give up on the Patriots after all this time?

The Patriots honored the end of Brady’s tenure by re-living some of the best moments of the past two decades. New England celebrated the GOAT by releasing a highlight video on social media. It’s a minute-and-a-half-long tribute video made of Brady’s Super Bowl titles. Brady won six Super Bowls with the team. Now he is going after his seventh ring. Wearing a different uniform, of course.

Brady spent two decades with the Pats. Where will he go next?

Brady’s departure makes headlines

TB12 hasn’t announced his next move, but he is expected to do so in due time. He can make a decision at 4 p.m. ET on Wednesday. That’s when the official NFL year starts. According to latest rumors, Brady may sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Los Angeles Chargers and Miami Dolphins. Although the Buccaneers aren’t contenders, Brady may go there. The team is ready to do the impossible to get the star quarterback.

New England must do something about the empty quarterback spot. Brady left a monstrous void behind. It will be impossible for Belichick to fill up the void. He couldn’t replace Gronk. Replacing TB12 would be even harder. Jarrett Stidham lacks experience. Belichick will enter the new season without Brady. Does it get any worse than that? But he is the GOAT among all coaches. This makes us believe that he has a backup plan. Let’s see what happens in the next few weeks. Who is the next to leave New England? Julian Edelman will stay there for sure. He has two years left of his contract.