Report: LeBron Had Targeted Smoke For Kawhi Leonard

Lakers superstar LeBron James is the best basketball player of all time. Many analysts agree that LeBron deserves the NBA MVP award this season. He’s got some really great numbers, and fans recognize his greatness. Is LeBron ready to win his fourth title? We believe that LeBron will win it this season. He may be 35, but age has nothing on him. There’s no drop in his performance, and LeBron is going for a championship. Will LeBron defeat Kawhi Leonard and the Los Angeles Clippers?

Earlier in the season, King James was dominated by Leonard. Well, that’s what some analysts said. Some said that the Lakers superstar didn’t want the smoke with Leonard. He wanted to guard someone else.

According to a recent report LZ Granderson of the Los Angeles Times, Lakers assistant coach Phil handy spoke about King James and how he was targeting Leonard prior to Sunday’s game. This strategy really worked because LeBron and his Lakers defeated the Clippers.

“People forget what he gets like after the All-Star break; he’s a different guy,” Handy said. “He’s preparing himself for that — that’s what you saw today and Milwaukee, you see him saying ‘Let me get myself and help my team in the right frame of mind.’ So for him diving on the floor for loose balls and taking the challenge defensively, that’s what you see. Last night I texted LeBron and asked him who he wanted to guard and he texted back, ‘I’m guarding Kawhi [Leonard].’ ”

LeBron and Kawhi may meet in June

LeBron and Kawhi may be on track for a playoff game. If this were to happen, we can only imagine the stories that may come from this all. Who will win this season’s title?

Kawhi and Paul George were pretty confident about their power. Some say they make the best duo in the NBA. However, they definitely can’t beat LeBron and Anthony Davis. The latter arrived at the right time. LeBron talked about their game and the chemistry they have on the floor. LeBron really wanted Davis to come to LA. It was more than obvious that they’d work really well together.

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