Report: Tom Brady Has Made His Decision

Quarterback Tom Brady announced his decision to leave Foxboro. There wasn’t much information about his next move until now. Colin Cowherd’s most recent tweet suggests that the quarterback has actually made his decision. Most analysts thought that Brady would not reveal his new team until Wednesday. The new league year will begin at 4 p.m. ET. Cowherd isn’t really convinced that Brady will wait until tomorrow.

So, where will Brady go next? He has attracted the attention of several teams. Many teams were put in the same discussion with Brady. But, some of them have already changed their mind. The San Francisco 49ers decided to stick with Jimmy Garoppolo. The Tennessee Titans are playing with their current quarterback as well. So, who’s left?

Tom Brady made bold decision

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Los Angeles Chargers are considered favorites to sign Brady. Most NFL teams can’t afford him. Brady’s free agency decision has nothing to do with his salary. It’s more about the roster and the freedom to make decisions about the roster.

According to some reports, the Buccaneers will give Brady whatever he wants to accept their offer. But, they are far from contenders. Brady’s next team has to be packed with competitors. He needs to win a few more titles. Let’s not forget that the quarterback promised to play until 45. Alex Guerrero said he would play until 46-47. Let’s see what happens tomorrow. Some suggest that the Miami Dolphins may also try to sign Brady. That would be a bold move.

TB12 spent his entire career with the New England Patriots. He helped the team win six Super Bowls and make three other appearances. He is out now. Will Bill Belichick find the right replacement for his star quarterback? He couldn’t replace Rob Gronkowski. Brady is the greatest of all time. No player will ever replace Brady. Simple as that.

How will Brady adjust to his new team? He will turn 43 in August. Joe Montana advised him to stay in New England. He was convinced that the quarterback would have a hard time learning a new rulebook. But, Brady knows pretty much everything about the game.