Stephon Gilmore Shares Cryptic Tweet With Patriots Future Uncertain

The New England Patriots are ready to make a lot of changes this offseason. Stephon Gilmore is next on their list. Will the team trade the star cornerback away? Will they give him a new deal? There are so many questions we’d like to ask at this point. Every Patriots fan asks questions about Gilmore’s future with the Patriots. New England seems to be in a position to engage in “a full retooling.” Tom Brady left the team a week ago, and head coach Bill Belichick will probably rewrite his winning formula. Does Gilmore fit in that one?

Trading Gilmore away would give the Patriots more cap space. The team will also avoid all the drama. But, is that really the right decision for the team? Will head coach Bill Belichick give up on his valuable player?

Gilmore took to Twitter to stir the pot. His cryptic tweet shocked many fans. Of course, we don’t know whether it was related to Gilmore’s on-field drama. However, we now people who’d make one at this point.

Stephon Gilmore will have enough time to plan his future

Gilmore will have to stay home and enjoy his quarantine. He’s got enough time to hang out with his loved ones. He better leave all the drama for the offseason.

NFL players are forced to appreciate their family time. Gilmore will have plenty of time to appreciate his past. He can’t really focus on his future. The 2020 NFL season is pretty far. Gilmore’s future with the Patriots is hanging up in the air.

We can spend an entire night discussing Gilmore’s tweet. However, that won’t change his future with the team. Let’s not waste time on things that don’t depend on us. Belichick knows what’s best for his team. He never makes a mistake. His vision has helped the Patriots win games, and that’s the only thing that matters.

Belichick let Brady go to Tampa Bay. He sure had reasons to close that door. Team owner Robert Kraft trusts Belichick and the decisions he makes. Thanks to Belichick, the Patriots have won six Super Bowls in the Brady era. Of course, Brady was the star that turned Belichick’s plans into reality.