Tom Brady Shares Photo Of Him For Wife Gisele With Hilarious IG Filter

Quarterback Tom Brady is entering a new chapter of his professional career. Brady left the New England Patriots after two decades. This is a brand new beginning for the Brady family. Brady, his wife Gisele and their kids are moving to Tampa. If you thought that the family is buying a property in Greenwich, Connecticut, you are definitely wrong. Brady and his cool guys are moving to the Tampa Bay area. A fresh start for everyone!

The quarterback seems to be having a lot of time for his family now. He took to his Instagram account to share a cute photo for his wife Gisele. He used a really good Instagram filter. Sort of.

Brady, Gisele, and the kids are moving to Tampa Bay

During an interview on Wednesday’s “Dan Patrick Show,” Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians noted that he’s talked to the newly signed quarterback about all the changes TB12 is going through after 20 years with his old team. One of those changes is “moving his family to a great town” in Tampa Bay, Arians said.

Brady previously lived in Brookline, Massachusetts. He and Gisele put their property on the market in 2019 with a $39.5 million price tag. Meanwhile, the quarterback and his wife also reportedly purchased a home in Greenwich. This happened because the supermodel wanted to have a home closer to New York City.

But with Brady signing a two-year contract with the Bucs, Arians says the quarterback is moving his family to Florida.

“They’ll have plenty options, but there’s some really good properties to settle the family in,” Arians said.

Brady officially signed a free-agent contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week and was officially introduced in a conference call Tuesday afternoon.

This is a brand new beginning for the family, and they will definitely love the warm weather. Gisele grew up in the hot Brazilian sun, and she probably missed the beach. The family goes to Costa Rica quite often. But, living close to the beach is a completely different thing.

Brady had the courage to leave his team after a long time. Let’s hope it’s worth all the drama.