Tom Brady’s Quarantine Advice To Julian Edelman Relies On TB12 Method

Quarterback Tom Brady had great advice for his teammates in New England. Patriots players were used to their former quarterback giving his best to encourage his lifestyle upon them. Brady knows pretty much everything about the game and his lifestyle habits were of great help for each and every player on the Patriots roster. Brady may be out of the team now, but he never forgets his teammates. He takes really good care of his teammates, and this time he had great quarantine advice for Julian Edelman. Yes, Jules hears a lot about the great benefits of the TB12 method. Brady doesn’t mind sharing his best advice. He really likes Edelman, and they had a really good time together.

The global pandemic is the best excuse for TB12 to project his tips. The Patriots wideout shared a photo to his Instagram and Twitter on Friday. He encouraged fans to stay home until the virus is roaming around.

TB12 Method keeps you safe

Brady popped in the comments section right after the publishing. He made football puns while giving advice on how to stay healthy in this situation.

“Stay hydrated,” Brady wrote. “And eat your vegetables. Get some vitamin D and exercise too! Play offense too and not just prevent D!”

Drink plenty of water? Of course. Edelman likes to eat clean and healthy. His diet regimen has made some cool headlines. When it comes to those veggies, we know that Brady doesn’t like mushrooms and tomatoes. No nightshades. He is pretty serious about his TB12 Method.

Yes, let’s not forget that Brady really likes his avocado ice cream. His teammates doesn’t like it though. Brady won’t give up on it. Rob Gronkowski has tried. Some of his teammates don’t like any of it.

Brady signed a two-year contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He will stay in the Tampa Bay area for at least two years. This was a rather bold move for the quarterback. He decided to leave his team after two decades. Well, it was time for a change, and Brady did the best for him and his wife and kids.