Trae Young Puts LeBron James Over Kobe And Jordan On His Top-5 List

LeBron James has been part of the GOAT debate since forever. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar is in his 17th season in the NBA. He is the best player to ever hit the floor, and he won’t stop in near future. If you ask Trae Young about his top-five players, he will say that LeBron is on top. The Atlanta Hawks star point guard really likes what he sees from LeBron. According to him, LeBron is better than Chicago Bulls icon Michael Jordan and Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

This is one of the hottest topics in the NBA. Of course, every player has the right to make his own picks. It’s more than obvious that they all have a different version. The NBA season is suspended now, and Hawks probably had a lot of free time. That’s why he decided to add fuel to the fire. His top-5 list triggered an avalanche of reactions. Yes, he was hit with an unhealthy dose of criticism. There are people who don’t like the idea of having LeBron on top of the NBA. But, his numbers say pretty much everything you should know about his greatness.

LeBron, Jordan and Kobe are icons of their sport. Young has his own criteria, and he believes that LeBron sits on top of the league. He has already confronted the king on the court. Seeing him in action was probably enough for him to draw a conclusion. The 21-year-old grew up watching LeBron dominate the NBA. This sure ha a lot of influence on his basketball career. He learned so much from the king and his game.

Kevin Durant and Steve Nash belong to this all-time list. But, this choice is more like a personal thing for Young.

Trae Young made his picks

When it comes to listing the best defenders in the NBA, Young went with Jrue Holiday, Klay Thompson and Kawhi Leonard. Classy.

We can’t argue against Young’s picks. Too many people called him out for not mentioning other great defenders in the NBA at the moment. Let’s try not to forget that Young has confronted all these guys firsthand.