Watch: Gisele Shares Adorable Video Of Her Singing With Vivian And Benny

The Brady family is entering a new chapter in their life. Quarterback Tom Brady signed a new contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Gisele, Vivian, Jack, and Benny will sure love the warm weather.

The family spends a lot of time in Costa Rica and Florida, and they will sure like all the beaches there.

In a new video, we can see the Brazilian supermodel singing with Vivi and Benny. Oh, yes, the cute pup is also there, enjoying the cute family moment.

Brady made a decision, and many say that he decided to go to Tampa because of his family. The former Patriots quarterback shares his oldest son Jack with his ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan. Some say Brady wanted to be closer to Jack. Of course, the quarterback doesn’t really talk about the reasons he had to leave New England after two decades. He did what he had to do and that’s the only thing that matters. Brady is a Buccaneer now, and his family supports every move he makes.

Gisele, Vivian, Benjamin, and Jack are Brady’s greatest supporters

When it comes to supporting, Gisele is his greatest supporter. Vivi is his best cheerleader. Brady has been receiving a lot of support from his wife and kids. When his Patriots lost games, his kids would burst in tears. Brady wanted to cry, too, but he wanted to stay strong in front of the kids. We saw Gisele and the cuties celebrate Brady’s Super Bowl wins. They supported him when his Patriots lost games.

Brady and his family enjoyed a short vacation in Costa Rica. This gave him plenty of time to think of his next move. Brady had to make a decision. He took to his Instagram account to share a pic of him signing a contract with his new team. He also got in touch with his Bucs fans. The youngest Bucs fan delivered a message for the quarterback. What did Brady do? He invited the girl to come watch their team play.

It’s time for a big change, and Gisele welcomes it with a song. Well, she is staying in Tampa for two years. She got to love the warm weather.