Watch: LeBron James Together With His Family Release Another Awesome Dance Video

LeBron James and his family have some really great time at home. COVID-19 forced people to stay home. The NBA suspended the regular season, and players have to stay home to prevent the spreading of the virus. The situation got really serious, and several NBA players have already tested positive for the virus. Rudy Gobert from the Utah Jazz was the first to shock the league. He was careless in the locker room, and Donovan Mitchell has the virus too. Kevin Durant and at least four other Nets players have coronavirus. Two Lakers players tested positive too. We don’t have much information about the names of the Lakers players.

LeBron practices self-isolation, and his entire family is there, too. Every citizen is advised to stay home. The number of infected Americans is on the rise, and the situation can easily get out of control. Thousands of Americans tested positive for the virus, and these cases can easily turn into fatalities.

The situation is more than serious, and the NBA had to shut down everything. Players come in close contact with each other. That’s how Mitchell “got” his virus. The entire Utah Jazz team is in quarantine, and they won’t leave the facility for two weeks.

LeBron James and his family rock

LeBron took to his Instagram account to share a video of his family. This time they had a lovely performance, and pretty much everyone took part in it. LeBron was the first to go, and Bronny came right after him. Savannah, Zhuri, and Bryce did an amazing job.

What can we say… these guys know how to have fun despite the current situation in the nation. LeBron has always been positive, and he won’t let the situation kill his spirit. LeBron doesn’t miss a chance to do his job in the gym. He shared a video of his home workout. It’s more than obvious that he is ready to win a title with the Lakers. Of course, this will happen if the regular season continues.

NBA Adam Silver will probably provide an update next week. The season may be over. But, we will wait for that update.