Watch: LeBron James Makes Unexpected Appearance In The Gym On Sunday

The Los Angeles Lakers have the greatest player on the roster. LeBron James is determined to help his team win a title. But, the coronavirus stands on his way to the title. NBA players are in quarantine, and all they do is stay home and do exercises inside the home. LeBron hits the gym all the time. But, he usually does that to do his workout. This time, the king decided to do something else.

LeBron took to his Instagram stories to share a video of himself in the gym. He is not doing his exercises. He is doing his dance. Yes, the king of basketball dances in the gym. Sort of.

LeBron doesn’t mind dancing in the gym

LeBron and his gang dance all the time. They use their quarantine to hang out and have fun together. The Lakers superstar keeps us updated. He shares videos of his family, and we love their dance videos. They all dance. Bronny, Savannah, Bryce, Zhuri and LeBron pull out the craziest dance moves. Hey, this family knows how to have fun.

This doesn’t mean that LeBron will miss his workout sessions. LeBron has a title to win. He won’t just sit home and do nothing. He promised to win a title with his Lakers. The king of basketball is ready to turn that promise into reality.

The NBA suspended the regular season after Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell from the Utah Jazz tested positive for the virus. Several other players had similar results. Kevin Durant and some of his teammates received positive tests. LeBron, Anthony Davis, and JaVale McGee tested negative for coronavirus. Two Lakers players tested positive. The team will probably keep that information private. Truth is, there’s no need for their names to be shared with the public.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver suspended the season for 30 days. But, it looks like the season may be brought to an end sooner or later. Players can’t just jump into the playoffs. They have missed a lot of time and advantages. LeBron and his Lakers sit on top of the Western Conference. Will they stay in shape in the next couple of months?