Bill Belichick’s GF Explains Dog Nike’s NFL Draft Debut

The New England Patriots did a really good job at the 2020 NFL Draft. Well, there are also people who say that Bill Belichick could have done a better deal. The Patriots nation believes that Belichick was excellent. Let’s not forget that the brilliant coach received some help from his pup. Belichick’s dog made us laugh. Yes, the dog was literally sitting in his chair during the NFL Draft. Belichick’s longtime girlfriend, Linda Holliday, talked about Nike’s role during her appearance on “The Adam Schefter Podcast.”

“Well, the funny thing was, you know, all of us our are doing the draft from home. And Nantucket has very strict rules about who is coming to the island,” Linda said. “So, I worked with Patriots IT people and said, ‘Teach me, I’ll do lighting, I’ll do IT, I’ll do it all. So, I’m doing lighting and next thing I know Bill (Belichick) had a couple of treats that were left over near his laptop and he stepped away from the table,” Holliday continued. “And all of a sudden he (Belichick) looks and he goes, ‘Look, look at the table’ and there Nike was just sitting there waiting patiently and he knew his treats were there, so that’s what prompted him getting up to the table and he was just waiting patiently for the word to take his treats.”

Belichick’s dog became Instagram celebrity

ESPN had footage of Nike sitting in Belichick’s chair. Social media was flooded with comments. Nike became a celebrity overnight.

“I really had no clue until my phone started blowing up and @TheSwooshDog (Nike’s Instagram account) started gaining followers like popcorn, just one after another,” Holliday said. “Well, the phone was blowing up ’cause see I got a public setting on his Instagram and he probably had 1,000 followers and maybe had posted four pictures of him, so it really didn’t have a lot of activity on the account. But, within 30 minutes, Nike went from 1,000 followers to about 10,000 followers and my phone was just blowing up.”

We believe that Nike gave Belichick a hand in the process. These two made a really good deal together.