Buccaneers GM Weighs In On Possible Reuning Between Gronk And Brady At Tampa Bay

Former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has changed his uniform and he will now play with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. There has been a great number of rumors suggesting that some of Brady’s teammates will join him. Did you just think of a reunion between Gronk and Brady? Of course you did.

Some say that Brady’s favorite weapon will follow him to Florida. Ever since Gronk retired ahead of the 2019 season, it was largely speculated that he would make a comeback one day. Gronk and Brady have won three Super Bowls together. He was one of the best targets for the future Pro Football Hall of Famer for nine seasons. If Gronk wouldn’t come out of his post-retirement life to rejoin New England, would he do it now that Brady went to a warmer place?

Bucs general manager Jason Licht talked about this topic Thursday.

“Well he’s doing a pretty good job in WrestleMania right now,” Licht said. “I have no idea if he’d want to play.”

Gronk and Brady are great friends

Gronk had an excellent entrance in the WWE record book as a champion. The WrestleMania 36 host defeated his friend Mojo Rawley to win the 24/7 championship. This was Gronk’s first official result in the WWE. WrestleMania 36 was organized in Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center.

Licht didn’t close the door of seeing Gronk in his team. However, he did mention that the Patriots hold the rights of the five-time Pro Bowler. The Patriots would have to trade or release him in order for Gronk to sign with a different team. But, yes, we may see Gronk put on a different uniform.

Gronk is pretty happy with what he is doing at the moment. He is retired, and he has tons of fun right now. Gronk has enough time to do all the things he wanted to do as a young person. He is having fun and parties all the time. He is also serious about his career. Let’s see where will Gronk go next. Is he happy with his wrestling adventures? He sure is. Good luck, Gronk, you are doing a great job.