Former NFL Exec Explains Story Depicting Patriots Offseason Work Ethic

Former NFL executive Scott Pioli shared a great story that depicts the New England Patriots and their offseason work ethic. The Patriots are pretty serious about their seasons, and they don’t take things for granted. The organization has won a lot of Super Bowls, and yes, they still work really hard.

The CBS Sports analyst wrote in a Jan. 14 tweet that it was 7 a.m. and how there were some people interviewing college players while having their breakfast. Pioli was an executive with the Patriots for nine seasons. He thought that he had a nice story to share, and shared it during his discussion with Tom E. Curran on the “Patriots Talk Podcast.”

“I put it out there because to me this showed one thing will never change with the New England Patriots is how hard they work,” Pioli said. “(Director of College Scouting) Monti Ossenfort, (College Scouting Coordinator) Brian Smith — two guys that were there 100 years ago when I was there — and two other younger scouts, they were the only ones there. I bring this up because so many people are talking about how difficult it is right now, they need more time, they’re not getting time to spend with players.

“The reality is you’ve had a full year of tape to watch these players. You’ve had all of the All-Star games. You’ve had the Senior Bowl, the NFLPA Bowl, the Small School Bowl, the East-West Shrine Game, you’ve got all of these days to interview players, spend time with them, your scouts, your coaches if teams had been doing their work they would have gotten this stuff done.”

The Patriots have a challenging work ethic

The Patriots are in the middle of a challenging offseason. Belichick will be getting a few new players because his organization lost a few big names in free agency. This includes Tom Brady, of course.

Belichick knows how to pick the right players and he won’t leave the draft without a talented name. We believe he has his eyes set on a few players, but we will wait for the team’s official announcement. They have checked out some quarterbacks. The NFL doesn’t allow teams to meet players in person due to the coronavirus outbreak. But, Belichick has found a way to contact talented prospects. FaceTime is an option for the experienced coach.