Former NFL Player Speculates Wild Move About Aaron Rodgers Going To Patriots

Is there any way for Aaron Rodgers to join the New England Patriots? The team lost Tom Brady in free agency, and he is now playing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If you ask Reggie Bush, he will say that Rodgers will soon leave the Packers.

The Green Bay Packers selected Utah State quarterback Jordan Love on Thursday night. The Packers traded up four spots to sign Love. According to some analysts, the Packers signed him as a replacement for Rodgers.

Bush was the first to start off the whole Rodgers-to-the-Patriots thing. He took to Twitter to share an interesting thought. Bush is convinced that the eight-time Pro Bowl selection will join Julian Edelman and the other players on the Patriots roster.

For most of you, this may be just an unreal claim. Some of you say that Rodgers could in no way join the Pats. Can you imagine him playing under Patriots head coach Bill Belichick? Rodgers plays elite football, and he has so much to offer. Drew Brees and TB12 set up the bar really high. They showed everyone that playing beyond 40 is possible. In other words, Rodgers can easily go to Foxboro and replace Brady.

Rodgers to the Patriots?

This doesn’t mean that the Patriots will just sit and wait for the Packers to make a move. Rodgers may be cut out. He may also stay on the team and teach Love a few things about the game. Impossible is nothing.

Some believe that the Belichick will get his next quarterback in the 2020 NFL Draft. There are a few nice options he should take into consideration. Love is out of the equation. Who is the next on his list?

Brady and Rob Gronkowski will be playing together with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They have so much to offer, and let’s not forget that they have won three Super Bowls together.

Things go really well for the Patriots, and this is a highly anticipated draft for the organization. What will they do next? The team traded out of the first round of the NFL Draft. Yes, Bill Belichick has a few things on his mind, and he is ready for a bold move.