Jarrett Stidham High School Mini-Doc Will Get Patriots Fans Hyped For Quarterback

The New England Patriots will have to trust second-year quarterback Jarrett Stidham. The 2019 fourth-round pick may replace Tom Brady. Brian Hoyer is in the mix too. He may compete with Stidham for the starting position. But, this seven-minute min-doc gives us a nice look at the Patriots quarterback. Bleacher Report produced it, and the Patriots nation will love it.

“Meet Jarrett Stidham, the King of Friday Night Lights in Texas” was recommended on YouTube this weekend. In the video, Stidham is represented as Stephenville High School’s version of Matt Saracen or even Mike Vinchell.

A lot of people thought that Stidham would become a professional football one day.

“You can usually pick up within five minutes if a guy has got it or not,” former NFL and Stephenville High School quarterback Kevin Kolb says in the mini-doc. “I watched him one of the throws I’m talking about. It was 40 yards on a line. There was a guy draped on his hip. He drops it right in the bucket with no arc into a Northwind that’s about 30 miles an hour. I just remember thinking, ‘People don’t know how hard that throw is.

“… He was effortless in the way he knew when to drive the ball and how to throw a whole shot. He can throw with his hips open, and all of that is natural to him. He’s never been taught that stuff. That’s stuff that I didn’t learn until I was first, second, third year in the league. I’d go back and watch film and say, ‘Oh, I had a little bit of that. Jarrett’s got all of that. He’s got a talent level that I think it has no ceiling.”

Jarrett Stidham to start for the Patriots

Patriots safety Cody Davis and former Boston Red Sox utility player Brock Holt attended the same high school. It’s like a high school of legends.

The second-year quarterback went 183-of-260 for 2,934 yards with 35 touchdowns in his senior year. Stidham rushed for 969 yards with 15 touchdowns before playing college ball at Baylor and Auburn.

Stidham may be of great help for the Patriots in 2020. Well, Belichick may decide to trust his young quarterback. Stidham may not have the same experience as Brady. But his mini-doc makes us ask questions. He is really talented, and his teammates trust him. They all agree that Stidham does great job in practice.