Kendrick Perkins Reveals LeBron James’ Crazy Financial Gains Post A Secret Deal With Beats By Dre

Kendrick Perkins and LeBron James are great friends and he witnessed the king’s financial gain in its rising. Perkins and King James are two of the few players who entered the big league straight from high school.

The former NBA champion went on “Running’ Plays: A Golden State Warriors Podcast” to talk about his career, King James and his unmeasurable greatness. Perkins and LeBron played together in two different stints in Cleveland. He was a Cavalier in 2015 and then in 2018. The team made the NBA finals on both occasions. 

LeBron and his awesome financial gain

Perkins said LeBron was the “chosen one,” adding that he always excels in everything he does. Perkins finds it interesting how everything LeBron touches turns into gold.

LeBron’s off-court business flourishes. He has made so many successful deals. 

“He invested $4 million in a soccer team and all of a sudden he’s worth $30 million,” Perkins said. “When Dr. Dre got the big contract for the Beats by Dre, when they wrote him that check, LeBron James got $700 million off of it. He was a silent investor in the Beats and nobody knows this.”

In 2008, the Lakers superstar asked for a small stake in the company. He agreed to wear and promote their merchandise. This was one of the best moves he has made in his career. LeBron has made the right investment at the right time. He is brilliant in every aspect.

“We are playing cards, he always wins,” Perkins said. “I’m like this can’t be right. He really is the chosen one.” This may be a result of LeBron’s photographic memory. A lot of people have talked about this. LeBron sees and knows everything. He remembers every move and he can also predict the next one. You can’t cheat him when playing cards.

LeBron and Perkins are still close, and they support each other on and off the court. Perkins will always have words of praise for his former teammate. He watched him closely and knows a lot about him. May this friendship last forever. Maybe Kendrick will share another win-win story. We’d like to hear more about LeBron’s life.