Lakers Sideline Reporter Reveals Details About Behind-The-Scenes LeBron James

LeBron James is the biggest name in the basketball world. For most NBA fans, he is the greatest basketball mind. Mike Trudell shared some juicy details about the superstar. The Lakers’ official sideline reporter revealed what’s like being around the king every day.

“I do like LeBron. I think everybody around him does. He’s always positive. He always stays in the moment. He’s all about whatever is going on that day, whoever the next opponent is. He’s cool with all his teammates. What you see is what you get with LeBron. He was on Instagram Live for a while the other day and that’s what he’s like.

“He’s joking around with his teammates. He’s joking around with you, with the media. LeBron’s giving good answers to whatever questions you ask. He’s excellent in the walk-off interviews. Yes, he’s a real easy player to cover. He’s a really easy guy to be around.”

The Lakers are happy to have LeBron on the roster

Trudell also talked about LeBron’s age and his incredible performance. LeBron is 35 and age is just a number for him. The Lakers superstar is a role model for a lot of young players across the globe. It was more than obvious that he’d become a big star one day. He became popular as a kid, and his popularity increased over time. LeBron has been part of the NBA for two decades, and he doesn’t even think of going anywhere now.

“Since he was probably 5 or 6 years old, he’s been the best,” Trudell noted. “At basketball, at football, while he was playing. He’s probably had people telling him that and it’s true and he still is. All this time later, at age 35. He’s always had that confidence and there’s always been a certain way that he’s carried himself. And that hasn’t changed. He’s still LeBron James.”

Trudell made some really nice comments, and yes, we do agree with him on this one. LeBron joined the Lakers with the only goal to win a title. COVID-19 stood on his way to a title. Hopefully, the situation will improve in the near future. The NBA suspended the regular season indefinitely, and we don’t know whether players will hit the court in May.