LeBron James Shares Another Lovely Dance Video With His Family

The NBA season is suspended, and basketball players have all the time in this world to hang out with their families. They have tons of time to work out, play their favorite music, dance to its tunes and call whoever they need to call. For LeBron James, this quarantine is nothing but a chance to bond and dance with his family. The king and his loved ones have been sharing these dance videos for quite some time, and fans enjoy every bit of those.

The NBA season is on hold, and LeBron has found a way to keep his fans entertained. In his most recent video, we can see the James gang dancing to Drake’s latest song “Toosie Slide.”

The James family has shared a few dancing videos over the past few weeks on TikTok. The latest social networking service is really popular these days, and users use it to show off their dance moves. Sort of.

LeBron James enjoys his time with the family

You’d all agree that LeBron’s daughter Zhuri is the star of these videos. She is so adorable, and her dance moves have impressed everyone. Zhuri has already shown that she has the ability to steal the show. let’s not forget that she is the best dancer in the James family.

LeBron’s video has millions of views, and fans watch it over and over again. Most of the comments go in favor of little Zhuri. Yes, the little girl became an Internet sensation. She has her very own YouTube channel, remember? LeBron was a star in one of her videos. They made a delicious no-bake dessert. Will you try it?

Zhuri is the star in the family. Although she is really young, she has attracted the attention of a lot of people. Zhuri is LeBron’s inspiration, and she will be a star one day. Of course, she will probably become an even greater Internet sensation. She likes fashion and clothes, so her career will probably have something to do with that.

LeBron always shares videos of his kids. He is really proud of them all. Bronny and Bryce are great basketball players. Zhuri is a fashion diva. Hilarious, right?