LeBron James Spills The Beans On Lakers’ Common Text Chain To Keep In Touch

LeBron James and his teammates are unable to hit the floor and play games due to the coronavirus outbreak. But, this doesn’t mean that players don’t talk to each other. Moreover, LeBron and his guys communicate through a text chain. He’s been doing this with each and every teammate so far.

The league suspended the regular season, and players don’t know whether officials will resume it. The Lakers are getting ready for the playoffs. They may not play regular season games. If the NBA makes the decision, they will jump straight to the playoffs. If this happens, LA will meet Milwaukee Bucks and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

LeBron talked to Allie Clifton on her podcast. He shared a few great details about his connection with the Lakers. The Road Trippin’ podcast always covers interesting topics. It also features former NBA players Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye.

The Road Trippin’ squad and King James came back again on the very same day that LA was supposed to play in Cleveland. Well, the coronavirus had something else to say.

The crew talked about the league and the current situation. LeBron discussed Space Jam 2 and all the activities he has about the project. LeBron also revealed all the secrets behind his great shape.

The Lakers superstar talked about his teammates and their communication at the moment. It’s impossible to meet all the time. However, LeBron revealed that his gang communicates through a text chain.

“We just stay in touch, every day, pretty much,” LeBron said. “We’re standing connected, everyone knows where everyone is, we know what’s going on.”

The king also said that they usually sent random internet findings. Jefferson mentioned that they have to be careful about opening unknown links and posts. Yes, everyone knew what he was talking about.

There’s a new trend that involves people’s chat. You get a link to something that looks like a random post. If you click it, you will receive explicit content.

Allie Clifton highlighted that she received five such links from Channing and even asks him to shut up. It’s hilarious and crazy at the same time.