Look: LeBron James Is Nearly Unrecognizable With His Quarantine Beard

LeBron James doesn’t really stress over his physical appearance. Yes, he works out like crazy and doesn’t miss a chance to be active. But what about his beard? The great LeBron James rocks a really huge beard, and we aren’t used to seeing him like this? LeBron likes his beard trimmed to perfection. But this bush-like thing? I bet he is super comfortable with it.

LeBron looks pretty much like every other man on this planet. We are under quarantine, and going to a barber is in no way an option. LeBron likes to have his hair and beard trimmed properly. However, he doesn’t have to stress over that at this point. We are all required to stay away from each other and avoid any contract with other people. So, yes, he doesn’t have to look sharp and cool all the time.

Instead of having his beard trimmed, LeBron decided to let it grow. He looks pretty much like James Harden. That’s not something you underestimate. He’s been “trying” really hard. His wife Savannah trimmed his hair and beard, but she didn’t go all the way through.

LeBron rocks his crazy beard

The three-time NBA champion took part in an Instagram Live session with hip hop star Diddy on Sunday evening. Fans couldn’t really recognize LeBron. Well, yes, we sort of recognized it, but it didn’t feel natural. What’s with all the beard on his face?

Of course, we are sure that this was LeBron. He still looks like him. His beard is just all over the place. He likes it natural. Just kidding.

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