NFL Scouts Rave About Jarrett Stidham’s Potential As New England’s Next QB

Jarrett Stidham’s potential has impressed his teammates. However, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick may not be willing to give Stidham a chance as a starting signal-caller.

Stidham may compete with Brian Hoyer for the starting position. Tom Brady left the organization and Belichick has to address the quarterback situation. The 2019 fourth-round pick doesn’t have much experience. He had just four passes in his rookie season.

Matt Hayes from Bleacher Report reported that a great number of NFL scouts believe Stidham has the “mental makeup and physical tools” to lead the Patriots.

“Knowing Bill, he’s excited about taking this big ball of clay and molding it into his image,” one scout said. “I’ve always thought Stidham was way undervalued as a fourth-round pick. I begged our guys to take him. He has so much more ability than he was able to show in college.”
“He’s a lot closer to playoff quarterback than another guy who falls on his face replacing a legend,” another added.

No player will ever replace Brady. He is the GOAT. Brady won six Super Bowls and has been successful in every part of the game. Matching his greatness is impossible.

Jarrett Stidham’s potential has impressed Belichick

Maybe Belichick will find the right fit for Stidham. The second-year quarterback may find a way to work alongside Belichick and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. He has to find a way to motivate his teammates. The Patriot Way? If Stidham manages to do all this, he will definitely earn the trust of his head coach.

Stidham was the 133rd overall pick in 2019. He could have been a first-round pick. But, his story took a different route.

“He had first-round talent that was mucked up by a system that didn’t fit him,” a scout told Hayes. “Stidham looked good at the Senior Bowl. He looked good at the combine. But we’re a tape-is-your-resume league. And that tape at Auburn had some brutal stretches. Enough to make a lot of personnel departments push him down — and in some cases, off — draft boards.”

Stidham will turn 24 in August. Belichick will try to fit him in his winning formula. If the click. Stidham can become the next star quarterback in New England.

The Patriots will have to make a lot of serious decisions. Belichick will have to fill a lot of holes in the past few weeks. He is probably waiting for the 2020 NFL Draft to start. He is the master of drafts, remembers?