Nick Kyrgios Reveals Stunning New Tattoo Of Kobe Bryant And LeBron James

Kobe Bryant lost his life in a helicopter crash on Jan. 26, and the world can’t recover. Losing the Los Angeles Lakers icon was the worst scenario NBA fans had to go through. The Bryant family organized a memorial in honor of the Black Mamba and Gigi. A lot of athletes honored Kobe in their own distinctive way. LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Shareef O’Neal got their tattoos. Well, Nick Kyrgios got his Kobe Bryant tattoo, too.

The Aussie tennis star took to his Instagram to deliver the marvelous ink piece. Kyrgos wore Kobe’s original No.8 jersey on the court for an Australian Open match against Rafael Nadal to pay tribute to the Black Mamba.

A Kobe tattoo for the greatest star

Kyrgios’ tattoo has Kobe along with the inscription GOAT below. This tattoo was inked on his right arm. LeBron James is on the outside, and Kobe is on the inner forearm. There are also some Jordan 1 sneakers in the piece.

“I wore the Kobe jersey the day of his passing when I played at the Australian Open and that was a special moment for me,” Kyrgios said in a video on his Instagram account. “Basketball’s my life. I play tennis but I follow basketball every day. That was a tough day for everyone but for me personally, I struggled a lot. I was crying when I was walking out on court. When I saw the [tattoo] design, I wanted to get it straight away. I definitely wanted to get something in memory of him. We can never really emulate what he did, but there can be moments when we try.

“It looks unbelievable. I think playing my first match is going to be the craziest, seeing my arm like that. Practicing then playing my first match … it’s going to be surreal the next couple of weeks even seeing it. I woke up this morning, I looked at my arm and I was, ‘….'”

Kobe will be remembered as one of the greatest basketball players. A lot of basketball players look up to him. Every basketball player will keep his legacy alive.