Patrick Beverley Takes A Shot At LeBron James While Playing The NBA 2K20 Tournament

The NBA 2019-20 season is suspended and Clippers point guard Patrick Beverley has plenty of time to spill out his criticism. Beverley is always ready to take part in a juicy trash-talking session. The veteran guard will be playing in the NBA 2K tournament. Let’s just say that he has a lot of fun being himself.

Beverley took on Portland Trail Blazers star Hassan Whiteside. He also delivered a message to LeBron James and his team. Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers tried to pass LeBron and his team and win the top of the West. However, the coronavirus destroyed their plans, and the Lakers jumped too high.

So, Beverley had a god night and dominated Whiteside. He won the game and said a couple of words about King James and his team.

Hassan couldn’t complete his alley-oop using King James. This led to a turnover, and Beverley came up with his trash-talk.

“Video game James, he’s got some years on him now. He can’t just be jumping all over the rim now,” he said.

Patrick Beverley teases LeBron James

The Lakers and Clippers came really close to the NBA Playoffs this season. Last season, both teams struggled to win games. But, this time, they do their best to dominate the West. Many thought that the LA team would meet in the West Conference Finals.

The Lakers ranked first in the conference. LeBron and his teammates had a 49-14 record. The Clippers trailed their rivals with a 44-20 record.

Every player on both teams was well aware of this. These duels wore more than personal for them. Last month, after the final duel, Beverley said guarding LeBron was no challenge.

Well, Beverley is probably bored. Maybe he is just trying to have fun. Maybe he is trying to tease LeBron. One thing stands for sure. Beverley tried to do something, and he probably wanted to deliver a message. He smashed Whiteside 85-54, and will plan his next duel.

LeBron doesn’t really pay attention to this. He is focused on his family now. The Lakers superstar has a lot of a great time with his wife and kids. Trash-talking was never his thing.