Report: New England Patriots Considered This Different Look For 2020 Uniforms

The New England Patriots decided to make some changes to their primary uniforms. The franchise will enter the upcoming 2020 season without Tom Brady. Head coach Bill Belichick made a few great changes to the roster. In September, we will see the new Patriots team wearing the brand new uniforms.

New England changed the jerseys for the time in twenty years. However, this change didn’t come without deliberation.

The Patriots turned their blue-on-blue “Color Rush” alternate uniforms into the 2020 home threads. Players will wear a new white top with blue pants for their road games.

Paul Lukas of Uni Watch reported that the Patriots first considered wearing the blue top with the silver-gray pants players have been wearing for years.

Lukas got the mockup of this combination from an “industry source.” He pointed out that New England could have “mixed and matched” their gray pants with the white tops if they wanted that combination. According to him, the number styling of the blue jersey is somewhat different than the final choice New England made.

The New England Patriots go with new uniforms

The Patriots decided not to go with their gray pants. This organization revealed the uniforms recently, and some fans didn’t like what they got. Most fans hoped to see the red uniform on the field. They wanted the Pat Patriot back. But, the Patriots organization had different plans. Several players have already bragged with their new uniforms. Well, they had the wrong set of blue pants. Although fans wanted the retro style back, the new uniform looks just fine.

NFL teams are allowed to change their uniform every five years. The Patriots have been planning this change since 2018. They will enter the new season with a completely different look. Brady won’t get the chance to try out the new uniform. His Buccaneers have new uniforms too. We have already seen him wear their T-shirts. Well, that’s how things go in the NFL. Brady is a Buccaneer now. Many thought that this would be the end of the Patriots dynasty. However, Belichick’s recent roster moves don’t really say that. He is ready to win another Super Bowl.