Report: Tom Brady Knew Patriots Spell Was ‘Coming To An End…’

Tom Brady decided to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after spending twenty years under the New England Patriots spell. But, it looks like the quarterback knew that their time was coming to an end. Brady knew that 2019 was his final year as a Patriot. In 2019, the Patriots failed to win a Super Bowl, but it wasn’t Brady’s fault. He didn’t have the offensive weapons he needed. The offense struggled and the Patriots had a hard time keeping their talented wide receivers on the roster. Josh Gordon was gone, and Antonio Brown came out of nowhere just to leave the team after 11 days. Brady knew that his time was up. He wanted a better chance. He wanted a better deal. What did he actually want?

In his interview with Howard Stern, the former Patriots quarterback talked about all the things related to the organization. He discussed the reasons he had to leave Foxboro. What made Tampa Bay so attractive? Brady gave up on his Pats after two decades and six Super Bowls.

“I probably knew before the start of last season it was my last year,” he said on Sirius XM’s “Howard Stern Live.” “I knew our time was coming to an end.”

Tom Brady put an end to the Patriots spell

We’d need a lot of time to get used to Brady’s new uniform. We are used to seeing him wear a Patriots uniform. He is a Buccaneer now.

The whole thing started when Brady had to sign a contract extension last summer. He wanted a multi-year extension and job security. Head coach Bill Belichick wanted to go year-to-year with the aging quarterback. Let’s not forget that Brady will turn 43 in August. The sides couldn’t reach an agreement on the extension, so TB12 Brady negotiated the franchise tag out of his contract. In this way, the Patriots head coach couldn’t keep him on the roster. Brady didn’t even test the open market. A great number of teams showed interest in his talent, and the Bucs signed him.

TB12 signed a two-year deal worth $60 million. Brady couldn’t get that in New England. It was all about the duration of his contract.