Shaquille O’Neal Reveals The Last Thing He Could Do With Kobe Bryant

Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant were making headlined with their drama on the basketball court. They had successful seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers, but their feud was definitely more attractive for media members. Shaq and the Black Mamba worked things out a few years ago, and their relationship became stronger than ever.

Kobe died on Jan. 26, and his sudden death shocked the basketball world. Shaq couldn’t believe that his good friend was gone. The NBA legend opened up about the loss, and a lot of people appreciated that. His heart broke, but he talked about it. Holly McPeak and Anne Marie Anderson from Sports Like a Boss talked to Shaq.

Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant became friends

The legend revealed details of his relationship with Kobe. Shaq said he wishes he had spoken with the Black Mamba more often after they reconciled.

“The reminder is.. that it makes me get into wish mode… Cuz listen, we respected each other. We’re friends. We’re not call-everyday friends, but I wish that I had talk to him more, I wish I could’ve said ‘hey, how you doing’, I wish I could’ve said ‘hey, you know the Hall of Fame thing is coming up. You know you gonna be on that list’”

Shaq promised not to watch the 2020 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame ceremony. Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, and Bryant will be inducted this year.

“I won’t even watch the hall of fame ceremony this year. I don’t want to see pictures and videos of him. Congratulations to Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, and all those guys but listen I never thought, I never thought something like this would ever happen.”

Shaq has already said that he would be too sad if he watched the induction. He wishes that they had been closer, and maybe that’s what makes everything worse for him.

Kobe and Shaq wasted too much time hating each other and the big man regrets it all. Hopefully, he will find peace within himself and move on. We all have to move on and live with the fact that Kobe will never ever attend a Lakers game at the Staples Center in LA.