Tom Brady Recalls Hilarious Story About His Grossest Patriots Injury

Quarterback Tom Brady spend two decades with the New England Patriots. He won six Super Bowls with the team and had tons of great achievements. But, that’s not the only thing Brady got during his time with the Pats. He sustained a bunch of injuries. Luckily, most of them weren’t too serious. But, the awesome Tom Brady will never forget one particular injury. Remember his “Purple Balls” nickname?

The former Patriots quarterback had a lengthy interview with “The Howard Stern Show” on Sirius XM Radio. He answered a lot of questions and finally got to the infamous nickname.

He got the nickname after suffering a sports hernia in the 2006 season.

“I thought when I got hit, something happened,” the GOAT explained. “It ended up being a hernia in the game, where the abdomen wall split open. I don’t know all the details. But other than that, (my) testicles — literally, one side was like an orange and then the other side was normal. I was like, ‘Something’s wrong here.’”

Tom Brady and his injury gave his Patriots teammates a reason to joke

This looks really painful. Brady didn’t miss too much time. Brady was relatively healthy throughout his entire career except for the ACL tear he sustained in 2008. So, Brady’s “Purple Balls” incident was nothing but a topic in the locker room. His teammates enjoyed making jokes about it.

“The guy who was my backup quarterback at the time, Matt Cassel, drew pictures of me with this one huge testicle on one side, and then he would leave them in my locker every day,” Brady told Stern. “‘Purple Balls,’ he’d call me because I got all bruised up. Man, that (expletive) hurt. “That was a really tough injury. There were a few of those over the years.”

Brady talked about a lot of other topics during the interview. He mentioned the Bill Belichick topic and his decision to leave New England after two decades. The GOAT also talked about the underperforming receivers and the problems they caused in 2019. Brady and President Donald Trump have been making headlines for quite some time. Well, that was just another topic Brady touched during his marathon interview. We believe this has triggered an avalanche of reactions.