Watch: Tom Brady Shares Awesome Video Of His Daughter Vivi Jumping In Water

Tom Brady enjoys every minute with his daughter Vivi, sons Jack and Benny, and his lovely wife Gisele Bundchen. The former Patriots quarterback signed a contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The family has already moved into their new home in the Tampa Bay area, and they aren’t wasting any time. Living in central Florida means spending most of your day swimming in crystal clear waters.

The family has taken some really cool photos. From what we can see, they are having a lot of fun in their new home. Brady has shared a video to his Instagram stories. In this video, we can see little Vivi jumping in the water. Gisele has shared some amazing photos too.

Tom Brady, his daughter Vivi and the boys will have tons of fun in Tampa

The Brady family celebrated Easter in their new home. Gisele took to her Instagram account to deliver a very special message for her fans. She wished everyone a Happy Easter, hoping to see everyone become more compassionate and helping. Gisele really wants people to learn how to love and help more. We need to stay united in these hard times, and Gisele’s words of wisdom are the great way to start. We are caught in the middle of a terrible crisis, and we need to stay strong.

The Brady family has entered a new chapter. TB12 signed a two-year deal with the Bucs worth $50 million. He won’t go anywhere in the next two years. Many believe that Brady will retire as a Buccaneer, but we believe that he may have other plans on his mind.

For now, Brady and Gisele will be living in Derek Jeter’s seven-bedroom mansion. They have so much to do now, and most of their activities are related to the family bonding part. Brady has all the time in this world for his wife and kids.

Brady has the opportunity to help the Bucs win their first title in 12 years. If he does that, everything in Tampa will become even better. Let’s see what happens with his first season as a Buccaneer. He is ready for the big game, and the Bucs have the GOAT on their roaster. It doesn’t get any better than that.