4 Stats Proving LeBron James Is Better Than Michael Jordan

The Last Dance sparkled the GOAT debate, and everyone started wondering if LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan. MJ has a better NBA Finals record and a killer instinct. However, LeBron has better numbers than Jordan, and his style is complete. He excels in every aspect of the game. Paul Pierce may not like this but yes, LeBron is better than Jordan.

When it comes to shot creation, LeBron is the ultimate leader. He makes his teammates better players. Jordan has great assist numbers, but he only had one season in which he averaged eight per game. This happened in 1988-89 before he ever won a championship. Every other season, Jordan never averaged more than 6.3 per game. LeBron has averaged more than 6.3 in 14 out of his 16 years in the NBA. Let’s not forget that LeBron is No. 8 all time in career assists with over 9,000 and counting. The Bulls legend sits at 45th all time with 5633.

LeBron has better numbers than Jordan

What about the first round playoff record? King James made the playoffs for 13 straight seasons from 2006 to 2018. LeBron was never bounced in the first round. MJ had three straight first-round eliminations in the beginnings of his career.

LeBron excels at playoff scoring. MJ is one of the best scorers of all time. However, his postseason numbers aren’t as good as LeBron’s marks. LeBron has more than 6,900 points in the playoffs in his career. Jordan has 6,000 in the postseason. They both have played in 13 postseasons each.

Shooting efficiency. The Lakers superstar is a more efficient player than MJ. Simple as that. LeBron’s shooting numbers for his career are 50% from the floor, 34% from three and 73% from the free throw line. Jordan has 49%, 32% and 83%.

LeBron’s numbers are better than Jordan’s scores, and nothing will ever change that. Plus, he has a few more seasons before his retirement. This will only add more to his career marks. LeBron and his Lakers are going after the big title this time, and they are waiting for the season to resume. LA is winning this one!