Alex Bregman Drops Klutch Sports Agent Over LeBron James’ Documentary On Astros’ Cheating

LeBron James stands behind the documentary on the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal. His sports media company will produce the documentary that shocked every MLB fan out there. Well, this information didn’t sit well with Astros star Alex Bregman.

It turns out that Bregman actually left his agent at Klutch Sports. LeBron’s agent Rich Paul founded the agency. Several sources confirmed this information, including Mark Feinsand from

There was a speculation on this, and some have confirmed the connection between both events.

Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reported that four sources told him Bregman dropped his agent Brodie Scoffield because of LeBron’s documentary on the cheating that took place in 2017.

The documentary is probably not the only reason Bregman dropped his Klutch Sports agent. However, some sait it was “an overriding factor.” Bregman felt “angry and angry” that his agent put him in this position when his Tidal Sports Group joined Klutch.

Alex Bregman forgot one major detail

Klutch and LeBron’s media company Uninterrupted are separate entities. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar has a major stake in the company. However, an NBA investigation showed that he has no ownership stake in Klutch Sports.

Klutch Sports became a top sports agency. LeBron’s presence increased its power in the basketball world. That’s why many people claim he owns the agency. The three-time NBA champion is nothing but the biggest client in the agency.

The Astros admitted thy used a monitor and trash can to steal and relay signs during in 2017, the team has a different attitude to the scandal.

LeBron has criticized the team for their decision not to punish players.

Bregman’s agency swap is the biggest evidence that the Astros aren’t happy with the latest development of events. He signed a five-year contract extension worth $100 million. He did that right before the 2019 season.

This situation won’t end here, and maybe some of the “main characters” will come out with a statement. Let’s see how will LeBron react to this “move.” He’s been pretty honest about players’ incidents, and he won’t remain calm this time.