Analyst Makes Promising Prediction About New England Patriots Without Tom Brady

Tom Brady is no longer playing with the New England Patriots. He signed a deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and will probably stay with the team for two years. Who will take Brady’s position? TB12 left a big void behind, and there have been so many rumors about his potential successor. His successor will have to try really hard to fill up the void. Rob Ninkovich appeared on ESPN’s “Get Up,” and talked about the Patriots without Tom Brady.

“I think Brian Hoyer will be the starter Week 1 and I say that because the quarterback position is one of the most important for reps under center, seeing defensive looks, looking at coverage, understanding the offense.”

Why did he say this? Ninkovich knows there is no mini-camp or practice to boost Jarrett Stidham’s skills.

“Look, they’re not practicing right now,” Ninkovich added. “There’s no minicamp, there’s no offseason, there’s no training camp. We don’t know when that’s going to happen.

“So if you have a veteran quarterback who has been in the system, understands what to expect what an NFL season is like, you’re gonna want to go with a guy who has the veteran leadership. Also what it takes to be in that building. Look, when you’re a second-year player, you really don’t realize what a season’s like as a starter. You don’t understand what it’s going to take, and not having an offseason does not help. So, Brian Hoyer will be the starter Week 1.”

The Patriots didn’t select a quarterback at the 2020 NFL Draft. Head coach Bill Belichick said it wasn’t by design. This sort of showed that Belichick had plans to select a quarterback if given a chance. But, he may easily use his free agents and the existing quarterbacks on the roster.

Will Belichick support Stidham? The Patriots released Brian Hoyer to give Stidham enough room.

Ninkovich made a rather interesting point, and many analysts would agree with him on this one. Let’s see who will take the starting position in September. Stidham has talent, but he doesn’t have experience. Will Hoyer take this position? Maybe one of the free agents…