Chase Winovich Shares Shirtless Photo Of Himself Moment After Nailing A Bullseye With An Axe

New England Patriots linebacker Chase Winovich surprised his fans with a hilarious photo of him and an axe. Former Patriots quarterback Tom Brady didn’t miss the opportunity to comment on Winovich’s post.

The Patriots linehacker shared a photo of himself after hitting a bullseye with an axe. It was a shirtless photo of him, and we don’t really know the reasons he had to pose like this.

TB12 called out his former teammate and a fellow Wolverine. What did Brady write? He asked Wino to put on a jersey.

Chase Winovich is an axe on the field

Winovich is part of a talented team. He is in his second year with the Patriots, and he is expected to make a big jump. The linebacker arrived in New England as the 77th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. He saw more playing time than any other member of the rookie group. Winovich saw 293 snaps on the defensive side of the ball (of 1,070; 27.4%) and 273 more on special teams (of 474; 57.6%). The former Wolverine proved himself a disruptive edge linebacker and his high motor and pass-rushing skills turned him into a key player of the best scoring defense in the league.

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Harder than it looks

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Wino’s motor is one of his best traits. He doesn’t really take plays off and keeps showing great effort when pursuing ball-carriers. The Patriots linebacker is active even when blocked or if the play is moving away from his spot. Winovich’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs shows this in the most brilliant way.

The Patriots used Winovich primarily as a pass rusher during his rookie campaign. 234 (79.9%) of his 293 defensive snaps happened in situations in which he coaches asked him to attack the pocket on passing plays. Winovich did show great moves in his primary area of usage.

His game relies on his speed rush. He fires off the ball and raises the pad level so that offensive tackles shoot their hands, and then goess underneath the blocking attempts to go around the edge. Winovich was doing this regularly. Not every rookie was able to do this in the NFL last season.