Former Cavaliers Coaches Take A Dig At Lakers’ LeBron James

LeBron James is the greatest basketball player NBA fans have ever seen. However, Skip Bayless decided to take a shot at him again, and he took to Twitter to share his mind. He criticized the Lakers superstar, mentioning LeBron’s former assistant coach Mike Malone and former head coach David Blatt. Malone was an assistant coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers two years after LeBron joined the team. He played with the Cavs until 2010. Cavaliers coaches may have crossed the red line.

Bayless reported that Malone said LeBron didn’t have the “killer mentality” like Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan.

Bayless also mentioned Blatt. He was a head coach with the Cavs during LeBron’s second stint with the franchise. The Cavaliers fired him after two years, right before winning the championship.

“Mike Malone, an asst coach on LeBron’s Cavs, says LBJ doesn’t have Jordan’s “killer mentality.” & David Blatt, LBJ’s head coach in Clev, says Jordan didn’t have to chase championships/co-stars (all 6 in Chi) & that MJ was about “us” instead of “I.” LEBRON’S COACHES SAID THIS.”

Cavaliers coaches made a mistake

Bayless has slammed LeBron in several occasions. During an episode of the Undisputed, he shared a list of top 10 players of all-time. LeBron wasn’t on the top. Can you believe that he didn’t even make Bayless’ top five? Three Lakers stars, including Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar were in the top five. Michael Jordan and Tim Duncan were there, too.

There was a really big difference in Bayless’ top 10 players and starting five. Bayless did not have Bryant at seventh. However, the legend made it to the starting five. Jordan sits on Bayless’ list of top ten players of all-time.

Here’s how it goes:

Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neil, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Tim Duncan, Bill Russell, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, LeBron James, and Wilt Chamberlain.

Bayless has always made comments of this kind. However, seeing a Cavaliers coach blast the king of basketball is not something we are used to. LeBron hasn’t reacted to this comment, and we believe that he will just ignore this. He is more focused on the start of the season. Thing has a title to win, remember?