Former Teammate Reveals What Made LeBron James Cavs Overcome 1-3 Collapse

The 2016 NBA season was really exciting for pretty much everyone, especially LeBron James and his Cavs. King James and the Cleveland Cavaliers found the power to defeat the Golden State Warriors and won the title. It was a brilliant finish, and the team had to overcome a 3-1 deficit.

King James rejoined the Cavaliers in 2014 and really wanted to win a title with the team. The Cavs had a really tough season, and they were determined to get the trophy. This was their very first championship win ever.

The team relied on LeBron and Kyrie Irving for most of the season. Richard Jefferson was part of the team, too. He went on the Scoop B Radio podcast, and discussed the championship win.

LeBron James and the Cavs won

The Cavaliers were calm and strong. Jefferson had nothing but words of praise for the team.

“I think the camaraderie of the team, the calmness and just the leadership of the team,” he said. “I think people would be just totally blown away by those three things and be shocked by what they see.”

Jefferson praised the coach for his leadership skills. He had the confidence to lead the team to a big title.

“Being down 1-3 that whole series, people would be shocked to see how calm we were,” Jefferson added. “I think people would also be shocked to see how much of a command coach Tyronn Lue is.”

LeBron was excellent and he really wants to win games with his team. He is hungry for victory, and he has so many wins on his back. Jefferson praised LeBron for his attitude on and off the court.

“He’s probably one of the most coachable dudes that I have been around in the sense of how he approaches the game and wanting leadership.”

The kid from Akron is really successful, and he is in his 17th season. LeBron leads the league in assists. He plays his best basketball, and he is on his way to win the title with the Lakers. The season is suspended now, and LeBron can’t wait for it to resume. It’s a wild run for the Lakers superstar.