Here’s What Mass. Governor’s Announcement Means For Patriots Ability To Practice

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker made a big announcement Friday, and this development is of great importance for the New England Patriots and their practice.

The Massachusetts governor on Friday announced Boston pro sports teams will be able to resume practicing at their facilities beginning Saturday, June 6. Each of these openings will be done, under the guidelines and restrictions of respective leagues. Everyone is trying to return to normal in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

This is a rather big development for every potential return for sports teams in the major Boston sports leagues. Players will be able to return and start practicing and training again with a main focus on mid- to late-summer return. The NHL this week confirmed the return-to-play format that could ensure game resumption in late July. However, the Bruins will require some time to work on their game even before the abbreviated training camp that is set to begin in mid-July. They haven’t practiced since March. Of course, the team can potentially return to Warrior Arena next week to begin their skating.

The Patriots to return to practice

This puts the New England Patriots in a rather complicated situation. The team hasn’t been able to return to Foxboro for a practice. However, the Patriots will be able to return in this next phase as provided by the league guidelines. The same applies to teams in every other league.

The NFL extended the virtual offseason to June 12 with the possibility to extend it to June 26. If all NFL teams are allowed to reopen their facilities, then football coaches will be able to return as early as next week. If all teams pushes the practice to an end of the month, then the Patriots may return to practice prior to June 27.

The players are still at home, and they will probably not take the field until late July. Let’s see how will the team handle this new situation? Head coach Bill Belichick is ready for every challenge his team faces. The short practice season will not affect the team’s efficacy in the following season. It will be interesting to see the Pats take the field in September.