Here’s Why Patriots Feel Better About Offensive Potential In 2020

The New England Patriots may have better offensive potential in 2020. Tom Brady is no longer a starting quarterback. He signed a deal with the Buccaneers this offseason, and the Patriots had to find a replacement. But, it turns out that they already had it on the roster. The Patriots will probably have Jarrett Stidham as starter in September.

The Patriots have a strong offensive potential

That’s what Greg Bedard from Boston Sports Journal said.

“It’s possible,” Bedard said. “I don’t know if I would draw a direct line to Brady’s attitude, even though that was a factor. And I know some people around the team thought that was somewhat of a detriment to the team down the stretch — not a huge factor, but was it a factor? Yeah, but I think that the team feels better about themselves offensively going into this year — slightly.

“Maybe they don’t have the ceiling they had with Brady, but as far as consistent play. Just from the fact that, let’s say David Andrews plays a full season and Joe Thuney’s here, that’s a much better offensive line. There’s a feeling that Shaq Mason and Marcus Cannon are kind of ticked off about what they put on film last year and want to be a lot better. That line has a chance to be the best in the league if it’s intact and healthy. You get (Julian) Edelman healthy, you get (Mohamed) Sanu healthy — he wasn’t toward the end of the season. You get better play at tight end in (third-round pick Devin) Asiasi, and maybe Dalton Keene can do some things. You add in Damiere Byrd, who they feel really good about that they think is a huge upgrade over Phillip Dorsett. And you put all those things together, plus a new, sort of, attack plan with Jarrett Stidham — they feel good about how they can be efficient offensively.”

Stidham for the win

Stidham is a talented quarterback and he has all the talent in this world to lead his team. Belichick trusts him, and he may also work with Brian Hoyer. 2020 will be a season full of challenges for the Patriots. Will they win more games than they did in 2019?