Jared Dudley Releases Strong Statement On Lakers LeBron James, Anthony Davis Following Solutions For NBA Return

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and the rest of the office have talked about the potential return of the season. The league suspended the regular season due to the coronavirus threat, and players couldn’t even enter their facilities for two months. Some teams have had their first practice after the NBA allowed the opening of some practice facilities. This applies to teams from cities with restricted measures. The Los Angeles Lakers got a green light, and they had already had private workouts. King James hosted these workouts, giving his teammates a chance to practice. The Los Angeles Lakers are trying to win a title and they have LeBron and Anthony Davis leading the way.

According to recent reports, the NBA may return to Walt Disney World and Las Vegas. Both options are potential, and both cites have staying accommodations and capacity for several basketball courts.

It turns out that Orland has the advantage. The rest of the season and the playoffs may return to a centralized location or two. The NBA gives players good freedom, but the Lakers have different plans.

The Lakers will protect LeBron and Davis

Dave McMenamin from ESPN reported that the Lakers will do their best to protect LeBron and Davis.

“Bron, AD and all the top guys we have, we’ll be wrapping them in a bubble and not letting them go anywhere,” Jared Dudley said. “You’ll have that be a team rule. Now, it won’t be a league, an NBA rule, but you’d want to say, ‘Listen, guys, we’ve come too far. We’re going to put our family on hold.’”

Of course, players can’t be forced to stay at one location, because it’s impossible to spend two months at one spot.

Rudy Gobert from the Utah Jazz was the first basketball player with a positive test. Fifteen players tested positive, and there are not any new cases now.  But the NBA has to be careful, because a single positive test can change everything and destroy their plans. We are in the middle of a pandemic, and the situation is really serious. Too many people have died, meaning it’s super serious. What will happen next?