Kendrick Perkins Defends LeBron James From Critics Questioning His Mental Toughness

“The Last Dance” re-opened the GOAT debate, and a lot of people have shared their take. Who did it better? Was it LeBron James? Was Michael Jordan better than the Lakers superstar? Some of Jordan’s most loyal fans said that LeBron lacks mental toughness. Well, Kendrick Perkins has something to say about this.

LeBron’s former teammate with the Cleveland Cavaliers shared his take on the GOAT debate. Perkins used the hateful letter Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert wrote for LeBron right after he left the team to join the Miami Heat. This happened in 2010, and the Cavaliers didn’t really like the idea of LeBron playing in Miami. But, the king made a decision. His departure was followed by an avalanche of hateful comments. Cleveland fans had nothing but words of hate for him.

Well, LeBron forgot this letter and returned to the Cavaliers. He helped the team win the first title in 52 years. He did that in the most brilliant way. According to Perkins, this speaks a lot about LeBron and his mental toughness. Years later, LeBron returned to Cleveland and won a title. You can’t beat that.

Perkins witnessed LeBron James’ mental toughness

Perkins and LeBron were teammates for a few months. The former Boston Celtics superstar arrived in Cleveland in the middle of the 2014-15 season and played 17 games. He returned to Cleveland for a short period of time, and played just one game.

Although they didn’t spend a lot of time together, LeBron left quite an impression on Perkins. The latter stood up for LeBron and defended him publicly. This isn’t the first time Perkins does anything like this. He keeps saying words of praise for his former teammate. This speaks volume for LeBron’s greatness. He had similar relationship with each and every teammate. His current teammates like him and appreciate his leadership skills.

LeBron promised to win a title with the Lakers and he is on a good way to do that. The NBA season was suspended, and LeBron can’t wait for the season to resume. He is on his way to winning a big game, and being a Lakers’ favorite is a big deal.