Kendrick Perkins Defends LeBron James’ Place In History, Dishes Out On Kobe Bryant

LeBron James has earned a bunch of supporters in his basketball career. A lot of athletes defend his GOAT style, and the same applies to his most loyal fans. LeBron is part of the never-ending GOAT debate, and this debate involves other notable names, including Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Kendrick Perkins has something to say about the great LeBron.

Paul Pierce said some really bad words for LeBron, and a lot of athletes stepped in defense of the Lakers superstar. He was the first to criticize LeBron and he even said that King James wasn’t in his top 5 NBA superstars.

Pierce made headlines with his comments on LeBron’s role in the NBA. He definitely doesn’t have LeBron in his top 5 players of all time. He also said that Kobe Bryant is better than LeBron.

Kendrick Perkins defends LeBron

Perkins wasn’t buying any of this, and he said that the 2008 Celtics championship team had more problems going against LeBron’s Cleveland Cavaliers than Kobe Bryant’s Los Angeles Lakers.

“All I know is it was a lot easier to win against Kobe Bryant than it was LeBron James. You can talk if you want to talk, but I was right there in the thick of things with you. I know he (Pierce) had to really prep for LeBron James and when we got to the Lakers it was smacked up six.”

Perkins went against both teams during the Big 3 era. The team eliminated the Cleveland Cavaliers in the East semifinals in 2008 and smashed the 2008 Lakers in six games of the NBA Finals.

Bryant and his team got their revenge in 2010. LeBron put an end to Boston’s rein in the East once he signed a deal with the Miami Heat in 2010.

The GOAT debate was fueled with the release of The Last Dance docuseries that focused on Jordan’s time with the Chicago Bulls in the ‘90s.

LeBron and Bryant are the closest contenders in terms of MJ’s claim the best player there ever was.

Perkins has been a loyal supporter of LeBron. He will probably keep doing this.