Lakers’ Alex Caruso Speaks Out On His Chemistry With LeBron James

Alex Caruso and LeBron James are two different types of players. Caruso has incredible athleticism and awesome dunks. LeBron has raw dominant power. His impact on the team is huge. LeBron is a real leader. He always turns his teammates into better players. But, the Lakers play much better when both LeBron and Caruso are on the floor.

The three-time NBA champion and Caruso have the best net plus-minus of any other duo in the league. LeBron did a really good job with his idea to integrate Caruso and other role players. This helped the team hit the top of the Western Conference. The Lakers had the best record of all teams in the West. You can’t underestimate that.

Alex Caruso is right about LeBron

Caruso talked about his relationship with King James during his appearance on Jared Dudley’s Instagram live session. He said he feels they play really well together because they are heady players.

The young Laker also said he considers himself capable of improving his game alongside LeBron James and players like him.

LeBron has an incredible basketball IQ. His photographic memory has helped him win games. He knows the right location of every player on the floor. This helps him predict their next move. In 2020, LeBron led the league in assists, averaging 10.6 assists per game. This is a career-high for the kid from Akron. LeBron won’t stop here. He is definitely winning a title with the Lakers. LeBron knows how to involve his teammates in the game. The only obstacle he had was the suspension.

Caruso knows how to play his role. This fits perfectly in the Lakers game. LeBron and his younger teammate will win a lot of games together. But first, NBA officials have to make a decision on the season.

LeBron is in the middle of the never-ending GOAT debate. The release of ESPN’s “The Last Dance” series made things even hotter. Every fan and player has shared their take on the debate. DeMarcus Cousins believes that everyone should just enjoy the documentary. Well, he may be right about this one.