LeBron James Is Being Forced To Pay The Lakers A Massive Amount Of Money

The coronavirus pandemic has blocked every process in the country. Pretty much everything is frozen, and the sports world is affected. NBA players will get a smaller check now. Six players have already received their full salaries for the season, and yes, they will have to return some of the money to their teams. LeBron James owes the Los Angeles Lakers a lot of money. The same applies to Stephen Curry and his Golden State Warriors.

In his basketball career, King James has earned about $306.98 million as confirmed by Spotrac. LeBron has earned the most the past two years with the Lakers. He made $35.65 million in his debut season with the team. LeBron earned $37.43 million this year. He was set to earn $39.21 million from the franchise in 2020-21.

ESPN reported that in April, the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association announced the plan to withhold 25% from each superstar paycheck starting on May 15. NBA teams will withhold more than $30 million from salaries on May 15. The league and the players association will “spread out the reductions into the first four pay periods through November and December” in 2020-21.

LeBron will owe the Lakers a lot of money

If the league decides to cancel the rest of the regular season due to the COVID-19 pandemic and goes straight into the playoffs, the 25% will jump up to 40%. If they cancel the entire season, players will lose more than $1 billion in paycheck.

In case the NBA was to have the season pick up where it left off in March, NBA teams will refund the full amounts to their superstars. The league told teams that they should “preserve” the money they withhold from the paychecks until the situation is resolved. Well, teams can actually spend the money anyway they want.

LeBron, Curry, John Wall, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant, and Paul George have received their salaries. Their advances for the 2020-21 season will be reduced. If this doesn’t happen, their Nov. 15 paychecks will be reduced. LeBron will owe his team $390,000 each time there’s a 25% paycheck reduction. Curry owes $420,000.