LeBron James Sends Emphatic Message Amid George Floyd Protests Across America

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James spoke his mind on the protests following the death of George Floyd. The entire nation has been caught in the middle of a big scandal, and everyone is involved, including both civilians and police officers. Floyd’s death opened an old wound, and racial injustice is still an issue these days.

LeBron has been vocal about the racial injustices that plague the country, and he couldn’t remain quiet about the outrage across the nation.

King James is fed up with this problem. He took to his Twitter account to pose a few rhetorical questions. He asked why America has so much hate for the African-American community.

LeBron James is loud and clear about George Floyd

LeBron also shared a monologue by Jimmy Kimmel. The renowned talk show host called out US President Donald Trump for his attitude at the moment. According to him, President Trump was unable to solve the problem immediately. Kimmel is also convinced that the President made the problem even worse.

At the end of his speech, Kimmel shared a strong video, and LeBron liked every bit of it.

This only confirmed the fact that LeBron is a vocal critic of the President. The ABC host said that he thinks Americans must “vote out” the current president. It looks like LeBron supports Kimmel’s point of view.

The whole problem won’t end here. A lot of celebrities and athletes have spoken their mind on the situation. A lot of NBA athletes have been vocal on this. This is more than just a problem. It’s an unsolved problem, and some people need to be heard.

This isn’t the first message LeBron delivered regarding Floyd’s death. He also wore an I CAN’T BREATHE shirt during practice. He shared a photo of Kolin Kaepernick taking a knee during the performance of the national anthem. The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback started a big movement in an effort to bring the focus on racial injustice. He protested against police brutality and he is no longer playing in the NFL. Kaepernick wasn’t able to find a job, and he is still out of the league. No team wanted to sign him.